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Anke Zürn - Artist Researcher

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About me:

I am an artist researcher with a background in visual art and solid state chemistry.

My theoretical, visual, respectively practice based research activities in the context of art are bundled in my new studio in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

I plan research projects in the Senegal . The goal is to establish an artist color lab in the suburbs of Dakar as part of the Institut für WERKstoffe, for researching plant based resources in the tropics, home-grown art materials considering food security, respectively food safety (project The Lazy Artist's Garden).


Anke Zürn

Bildende Künstlerin / Forscherin
artist researcher

General Dufourstrasse 138
CH-25023 Biel - Bienne

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  Anke Zürn




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